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 **Malibu Mastermind Officially In Pre-Launch As Of 1-21-2014**


Malibu Mastermind Overview

 Why I Am So Excited About The Malibu Mastermind Opportunity, And So Should You!

I want to share with you an opportunity that could literally change your life financially. Are you interested?

It’s not everyday when a Brand New, Ground Floor Opportunity presents itself. That is what I want to share with you now. I want to share with you an opportunity that could literally change your life financially. Everyone knows it’s better to be at the beginning of the next big thing, than to be at the end. Right? Its all about timing, leverage and opportunity. If you ever wondered what it would be like to be at the start of something big, then here’s your chance to make your mark. It’s a no brainer.

The Malibu Mastermind products and business opportunity are based on the principles of the world famous book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It is a proven fact that success always happens faster in a Mastermind.

Two or more minds working together will always produce better results than one mind alone. Like minded individuals working together, for common goals, have a greater chance for financial and personal success.That’s what this opportunity is all about. Not one Product, one company or one mind.

Kevin Harrington, the TV personality and one of the original shark tank members (first 3 seasons) is supporting and promoting this opportunity. That’s him in the video above. He is responsible for generating hundreds of million dollars in multiple countries around the world. Everything this guy touches turns into money. So what’s that have to do with you and I. Simple. A well known spokesman and entrepreneur is promoting our opportunity.

Network Marketing Combined With Affiliate Commissions!

That’s right. Malibu Mastermind has created a way to combine traditional network marketing with affiliate based commissions. This is revolutionary and will no doubt change this industry forever. This is why I am so pumped about being involved with this opportunity. Not only can we make affiliate commissions, but you and I can now build a residual passive income stream with this amazing concept. Let me explain.
This new concept will allow you to earn commissions not only on your sales but the sales of your customers. There are no quotas to fill or legs to build like a traditional network marketing pyramid. There are no levels or caps to worry about. No minimum or maximum requirements to reach. This system runs unlimited width and unlimited depth for commissions. This will put more money in your pocket, every sale, every time.

You will be getting paid on all of your direct sales. You will be getting paid on all of your customer’s direct sales. It’s that simple. If you are already familiar with affiliate marketing, you will clearly see the benefits of this. Work as much as you want, when you want. This can be a nice part time income, or a Full Blown Revenue Stream. Whatever your lifestyle goals are, the benefits of this opportunity are huge.

“Show Me The Money”

How Can This Amazing Opportunity Help You?

This is what I have to offer you. An opportunity to be apart of something that could possibly change your life forever.

You can work directly with me and my team to help you achieve your financial goals. We can all succeed together. (Side Note: We have some big players on this Team) We will show you how to present the Malibu Mastermind Company and Products to your potential customers. We will all be on live webinars as well for your support. With this new opportunity in front of you, with a support team already in place, it couldn’t be easier to start a business than it is right now. This opportunity has been validated by millionaires. This is an amazing time for us. Don’t miss out, then wonder later!

“Huge Bonus’s Offered For Pre Launch!”

Maibu Pre-Launch Bonuses

In addition to these bonuses, you will also receive:

Free Celebrity Endorsed Website Free Direct Response Marketing Website Free Follow-up Email Campaign Free Celebrity Promo Videos Free Webinars For Your Customers To Learn More And Much, Much More

What are you waiting for?

You will be receiving full support from me, and the rest of our team. Now is your chance to position yourself with our leading team. We will be providing you with world class marketing for your business.  If your time is now, let us help you succeed starting today.

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